The Northern Indiana Paranormal Society

We Hunt Your Haunts


DVR System, with night vision IR Camera's 










Customizable Aluminum Storage Case for carrying delicate equipment.




 High-Definition Video Camera















EMF Detector for measuring electro-magnetic fields.  It is commonly believed that spirits emit measurable EM fields.












Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer for measuring sudden changes in ambient temperature (cold spots--see glossary).










48-LED Infrared Light.  IR lights use heat signatures to enable our cameras see in the dark.




5-foot Camera Tripod. We have 2 to assist a steady video camera image.














10-inch Camera Tripod to assist with still photography.










Digital Voice Recorder for capturing electronic voice phenomena (see glossary).


















Assorted Lights








5 Walkie-Talkies for ease of communication between investigating teams and Command Central.


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