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We are The Northern Indiana Paranormal Society, more affectionately known as T~NIPS.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to paranormal research and investigation. The reason why we investigate is because we want to help people understand the paranormal and other “things that go bump in the night.”  We enter an investigation with an open and skeptical mind. We always try to disprove signs of a haunting.  If there is any evidence that we cannot discredit, then we feel confident that we have possible corroboration of the client’s claims.

When it comes to investigating, we prefer to take a scientific approach to this controversial subject.  While we do not discount the skills of psychics and mediums, we prefer to rely on empirical research.  We approach an investigation with a range of instruments for measuring electromagnetic fields, thermal variations, and sounds inaudible to the human ear—all of which may be signs of paranormal activity taking place.

Our investigating team is as diverse as our equipment.  Each of us comes from a unique upbringing, mixing a variety of cultural, family, and theological backgrounds.  This gives our team a richness of experience and expertise on which to draw.  Co-Founder Bryan Telsworth is a native of St. Joseph County, Michigan, while Rachel Cain, the other Co-Founder, was born and raised in the midst of Southern California’s urban sprawl.  Combining these two distinctive backgrounds with those of the other team members, T~NIPS is able to approach any investigation with a sense of familiarity for the people involved.


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